Sunday, June 24, 2018

Nephilim Queen's Tomb Uncovered in Athens County, Ohio

Nephilim Queen's Tomb Uncovered in Athens County, Ohio

Large human Nephilim skeletons were found in many of the burial mounds in Athens County, Ohio. There are still 7 burial mounds that can be seen from the road, with more hidden in the woods.  Athens County is a dark and foreboding place to visit. 

Centennial Atlas of Athens County, Ohio, 1905
    A small mound located on the very top of the hill bordering the eastern part of the Wolf’s Plains and a little northwest of the house now occupied by Mr. J. Taylor, superintendent of the Johnson Coal Mining company’s mine here, was opened by two or three of the citizens in the spring of 1905. They were in search of copper and stone articles and more especially inscriptions. At the bottom of the mound and lying on a huge flat stone was a skeleton apparently of a woman. The lower limbs were crossed. The bones had been much decayed by the action of water. The explorers stated that the bones were remarkably large. The jaw bone would fit over that of the average man of today and leave plenty of place besides. The forearm bones 5 inches larger than those of the average man. Charcoal was found in three different layers.

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